Clementine Dariel was born May 26th, 1970 in Vaison la Romaine, in the South of France. Clementine was always surrounded in an artistic environment due to the fact that her parents are very talented artists. As a young girl she quickly learned and adapted the same passion as her parents; she was an artist of ceramics, sewing, cooking, photography, jewelry and painting. Clementine suffered from dyslexia; therefore art became the only form of expression for Clementine.

Clementine’s style of art is very unique. She takes one look into ones face, and that is when her artistic imagination runs wild. Through her eyes she can study people and decipher which vibrant colors and simple lines best suits their physical attributes. Clementine’s talent allows her to play with different artistic materials so that she may accomplish her definition of what is called, “a master". 


1999 Group Show - Alliance Francaise, Chicago - black & white photography

2001 Solo Exhibition - Diva Gallery St Paul De Vence, France - mixed medium

2003 Group Show - La Canada Country Club - mixed medium

2004 Solo Exhibition - La Tuna Canyon Gallery, Los Angeles - oil & mixed medium

2005 Group Show - Hotel Las Rocas Rosarito, Mexico - mixed medium

2006 Solo Show - La Tuna Canyon Gallery, Los Angeles - oil & mixed medium

2007 Group Show Seyhoun Gallery, Los Angeles oil & mixed medium

2011 Solo Exhibition - Diva Gallery St Paul de Vence , France - mixed medium

All paintings & photographs for sale. For more information please contact


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